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PUFAChain article published in Impact

An article on the PUFAChain project has been published in the latest issue of the Impact journal. The full article can be found below.


Sixth project newsletter online

The sixth newsletter of the project PUFAChain is online and can be downloaded here.


Fifth project newsletter online

The fifth newsletter of the project PUFAChain is online and can be downloaded here.


Fourth project newsletter online

The fourth newsletter of the project PUFAChain is online and can be downloaded here.

The entire PUFAChain team wishes you Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


PUFAChain on the ALGAE EUROPE 2015

From the 1st to the 3rd December 2015, the second issue of the ALGAE EUROPE Conference took place in Lisbon, Portugal. ALGAE EUROPE 2015 is a joint venture of the 2nd EABA and EC Algae Contractors’ Conference and the 9th International Algae Congress.

After its very successful initiation last year in Florence, Italy, the 2nd ALGAE EUROPE Congress was even bigger: On 3 well-filled days, the participants and visitors were offered 11 sessions, 64 speakers, 60 poster presentations, a technology trade show and much more.

PUFAChain is especially proud that, for the second time, we were invited to present our latest findings to more than 220 delegates from 28 different countries including several representatives of the European Commission.
Now we are already looking forward to the ALGAE EUROPE 2016 in the UK and are certain that we can present new exciting findings!

Prof. Friedl (University Goettingen) presenting PUFAChain at the ALGAE EUROPE 2015.


Second Annual Project Meeting in Ternitz

For the second annual project meeting of PUFAChain, all partners were welcomed by NATEX in Ternitz, Austria. From the 6th – 8th of October 2015, the latest progress was presented and discussed in detail. So far, a total of 220 microalgae strains have been characterized for their PUFA content. Amongst these strains, also unexploited (new) species and strains were discovered showing promising EPA or EPA and DHA contents. 20 of these strains are now tested for optimized PUFA yield in growth experiments at lab and pilot scale, while 5 strains have already been upscaled in tubular photobioreactors. While membrane filtration so far worked flawlessly, cell disruption for fatty acid extraction seems to be more difficult. The partners are optimistic, though, that the soon to be completed extraction plant will be the key to this issue and allow the project to stay right on track. For the sustainability assessment, technological, environmental and socio-economic assessments are being performed, comparing the PUFAChain life cycle to current reference systems based on fish oil. This will underline the advantages of PUFA from microalgae sources and provide an important input for the entire microalgae industry.
After the meeting, the PUFAChain partners were invited to visit the company Innoweld, a sister company of project partner NATEX. Innoweld is specialized in the manufacturing of high pressure equipment and provided the partners with interesting insights into the production of high pressure vessels that will be used in the PUFAChain extraction plant.
The meeting was again concluded with a very positive feedback and outlook as all partners are getting excited for the second half of PUFAChain and the things to come.
The next General Assembly Meeting will take place in October 2016 in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Presentation of the latest findings.
Visit to the company Innoweld.


Algae Europe Conference 2015 in Lisbon

After the big success last year, the Algae Europe 2015 Conference will be back on 1-3 December 2015 in Lisbon, Portugal, combining the 2nd EABA and EC Algae Contractors' Conference and the 9th International Algae Congress.

The Conference will involve all important players of the European algae world from both, academic and industry, amongst them also several participants of the European Commission as well as various PUFAChain partners.

The flyer is available for download here.

For more information please also visit www.algaecongress.com.


Third project newsletter online

The third newsletter of the project PUFAChain is online and can be downloaded here.


IFEU publishes article in Biobased Future

PUFAChain project partner IFEU has recently published an article called "bioenergy and biomaterials from algae" in the magazine Biobased Future.

The article can be seen here.


Second project newsletter online

The second newsletter of the project PUFAChain is online and can be downloaded here.


PUFAChain on the EABA and EC Algae Contractors’ Conference in Florence


The project PUFAChain will be presented on the 1st EABA and EC Algae Contractors’ Conference and the 8th International Algae Congress in Florence.

The presentation entitled PUFAChain - a value chain from algal biomass to lipid-based products will be held by Prof. Thomas Friedl (University of Goettingen) on the 2nd December 2014.

For more information on the event and the full agenda, please click here.


First Annual Project Meeting in Lisbon

From the 6th to the 8th of October 2014, the first annual meeting of the European project PUFAChain was held in Lisbon, Portugal.

The meeting was organised and moderated by the Portuguese partner A4F and started right away with a demonstration of the A4F experimental photobioreactor unit in Lisbon.

On the following two days the work progress of the first year was reported, analysed and discussed by all partners in detail. So far, no severe problems occurred within the project and first successes, e.g. in the selection of interesting algae strains and the filtration of these algae, could be reported.

In addition to the meeting itself, A4F also organised a field trip to one of the largest microalgae production facilities in the world. This visit gave the excited partners a detailed insight in the industrial production of algae and also a prospect of how the project PUFAChain could look in the future.
In the end of the meeting all partners were very positive about the progress and the collaboration so far and were already looking forward eagerly to the work and challenges ahead.

During the next project year, pilot scale production of the selected microalgae as well as omega-3 fatty acids extraction methods will be performed to deploy the biorefinery concept at pilot scale.

The next general assembly meeting is scheduled for October 2015.

PUFAChain partners during the visit to Algafarm – PBR industrial facility.
Overview of Algafarm unit.


PUFAChain in public

In the past months PUFAChain had various appearances in public:

The corresponding documents can be downloaded subsequently.


First project newsletter online

The first newsletter of the project PUFAChain is online and can be downloaded here.


PUFAChain on the 2nd European Workshop on LCA for Algal Biofuels & Biomaterials

Roughly 6 months after its launch, the project PUFAChain has for the first time been presented to a broader public. On the 2nd European Workshop on LCA for Algal Biofuels & Biomaterials in Brussels, Mr Guido Reinhardt (IFEU) was given the opportunity to present the project in general and to focus on the subject of Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) that will be conducted by the partners IFEU and DLO.

Within the context of the event, some chosen European projects have been introduced to and discussed with more than 50 European participants and several representatives of the European Commission.

The entire presentation can be downloaded here.


Successful Kick-Off Meeting

After the Grant Agreement for the project "PUFAChain: The Value Chain from Microalgae to PUFA" was officially signed at the end of October 2013, it was agreed on holding the kick-off meeting in the representation of Lower Saxony in Brussels.

Within this two-day event that had been organised and moderated by the University of Goettingen and EurA Consult, all partners had plenty of time to get to know each other, share their ideas and thoughts, and discuss in detail the project plan, the project management, and the collaboration within the consortium.
Thanks to the lively participation of all project partners, it was possible to lay the foundations for a successful project.

The international consortium, consisting of nine partners from four different countries, will now search for industrial solutions to extract high purified omega 3 fatty acids for algae.


The PUFAChain privacy policy can be found here.